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Birthdate:Jan 11
Location:California, United States of America
Website:The Blue Room
I'm an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, shrouded in a warm woolen sweater. Actually, probably not woolen on account of how I'm terribly allergic to lanolin. I'm more of an open book, lying on a table in the middle of the room.

I once tried to explain my work history and educational history, and what I came up with was this: I like making things. I like making crazy, weird things, and normal things, and beautiful things, and ugly things. I like getting an idea and researching it and planning and plotting and in the end having something. I like drawing schematics and learning new technologies. That is why I have been a writer, editor, lab tech, artist, programmer, gardener, and some other stuff, and that is why for the rest of my life I will keep learning and changing.

If you're reading this and think you'd like to add me as a Friend, feel free. I don't know why anybody feels like they need permission, but some do. I now keep this journal friends-locked because I prefer to keep my ephemera ephemeral, but if I have any idea who you are or you just seem neat, I will add you as a friend. It's not a super-exclusive club.

If the idea of having to admit you're reading this doesn't appeal, I have a series of other blogs I maintain on my own site, where I generally post more pictures. Some of them have Livejournal feeds, some don't. You can see them all from the home page at The Blue Room. Here are the ones with feeds on Livejournal:

One Truth for All: general stuff, bloggy thingness, school and life and travel and so forth. Basically, anything that doesn't fit into another blog. Predates this Livejournal account considerably. otfa

Casa Decrepit: house renovations, gardening, house stuff in general. casadecrepit (summaries) or casadecrepitall (full posts with images, no cuts, see note about below about images appearing on LJ)

Ducks in a Row: personal improvement and organization. Getting my crap in order and my life lined up neatly. aligned_ducks

Too Many Animals: cute photos of my pets and sometimes other animals I come across. many_animals

(If images are broken on a feed you're watching, drop me an e-mail; I had to stop serving images to Livejournal pages because of some major bandwidth theft problems, but I can make them work on a case-by-case basis.)
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